Where has she been?!

#1---> Newsletters/blogs are back!

This month marks 1 year since Sweet Saffron has opened her doors and can I just say a huge THANK YOU to all my beautiful clients...?! I wouldn't have been able to write that last sentence if it wasn't for your support. You all have many options for who you trust with your esthetic needs and to call you my client is an honor so THANK YOU again.

*Look out this month for a special email or phone call from me.

*+*+*+* I will be gifting two random clients a $40 gift certificate to celebrate! *+*+*+*

#2----> There will be a monthly newsletter/blog post on anything and everything esthetics 1x a month. I will topis such as----product ingredients,product reviews,skincare regimes,waxing, lash extensions, and much more. If you have specific topics or questions you want answered please feel free to write me and I will try my best to cover that topic. Sometimes I learn from YOU :)

#3 --->There has been an update to the "punch card" policy. You still get a hole punch for every service you receive and once you get to the 5th punch your next service is complimentary. --> the complimentary service you choose can be any service under $100. If you choose a service that is over $100 you are responsible to pay the difference.

Example: I choose to get a 75minute facial for my "free punch service."

A 75minute facial=$110 so I just owe $10.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to more years as your Esthetician!

Be well,

Jessica Berahmand

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