OK, that might have been far reaching but why not shoot for the stars right off the bat?!

Times are changing and human beings are amazing.

Let me tie that together a little better haha

It’s obvious that before March, day to day life was not the same as it is today. And if someone were to tell you that you would be wearing a mask when you go out and were limiting your social life to almost non existent, you would look at them like they were crazy.

But look at us today. Doing just that.

Adapting and trying to make things work. Getting through it the best we can.

That’s where the amazing-ness of humans comes into play! It seems nothing can break the human spirit. It’s already in us and can’t be touched by anyone but ourselves.

That’s incredible isn’t it?

As a small business owner these times are extra hard though. Hard not only financially ( just being transparent ) but mainly because we built our lives around our business. It is our identity. Without it we are not living out our passion, our talents, or our commitments.

Let me get to my point----

I am starting a blog! Yup.

Newbie swinging in here.

Choosing number 2.

I’m choosing 2 because I remember why I opened Sweet Saffron Natural Skincare in the first place. And if I can’t physically be with my clients I want to at least be, virtually, if that’s where these times are taking me.

This blog is to be a place where you feel:

· understood

· safe

· loved

· beautiful

· inspired

A place to:

· find advice

· find relatable stories

· find resources

· Interesting or helpful facts/tips/tricks

· Any maybe some humor – can’t promise though!

So here we go. It's gonna start out bumpy but I promise it will get better over time!

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